Who We Are

Our Message, Model, Roots, History, and Facilities.



We're not a megachurch, but we have a megaheart

Our Model

Follow Jesus!

Jesus came and lived among us. In his life, he traveled all over living a life that showed us how we should live and care for others.  At Boger's Chapel, we believe that is the model.  If Jesus didn't do it, we won't either. However, we will strive to influence the community around us the way Jesus influenced the communities he encountered!


Our Mission

Reaching ALL people in new and different ways

Our mission is to love ALL people as Jesus loved.  It is our desire to live lives that model the life of Jesus. Thus, if Jesus did, we will too. We might think outside the box or color outside of the lines every now and then, but it is all for the sake of following Jesus and helping others grow in their faith!

Our Roots

Deeply rooted in the Methodist Movement

The United Methodist Church was created on April 23, 1968, when The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church united to form a new denomination.

But Methodism dates back to 1736 when John and Charles Wesley began a unique religious movement. United Methodists share a historic connection to other Methodist and Wesleyan bodies.

Boger's Chapel finds great beauty in the significant events of history that have brought us to The United Methodist Church of today.  We embodied the same passion and enthusiasm that John and Charles Wesley did way back when,  We aim to continue the spirit of a movement that they created in the 17oo's!


Our Message

Love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself

Our message is simple. God loves ALL people and we aim to follow God's call on our lives by doing likewise.  All people are at different points on their faith journey and Boger's Chapel is a safe place to explore that.  Jesus meets us right where we are and Boger's Chapel fully embodies that.  Our message is all about love and caring for one another.  We are on this journey together!